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Guided Wine Tasting on Authentic Gondola (1 hour)

Quick Details

Private Wine Tasting on an Italian Gondola (1 hour)

Wine tasting on a real Italian Gondola!?

This experience is an exclusive one-on-one tasting lead by local winemakers pouring their own wines. Savor their delicious small batch wines as you glide down the scenic napa river on our authentic Venetian Gondola. Enjoy a musical serenade as the Gondolier sings romantic Italian songs to you. This collaboration between independent and local winemakers and Napa Valley Gondola offers a tasting experience unlike any in the valley. With the gentle sway of the gondola and the breathtaking views of the riverwalk, this intimate wine tasting promises to whisk you away to romantic visions of Venice, leaving you with lasting memories of an enchanting evening on the water.

•55 minute cruise
•Private Tasting with Winemaker on the Gondola
•Authentic Italian Gondola from Venice
•Tour the Napa River, launching from Downtown Napa
•Singing Gondolier
•Bring snacks if you like!

$400 per Couple, 4 people maximum with an additional $40 each for 3rd and 4th person.